Lugosi Design
Hello and welcome to my portfolio.

My name is Sara. I am a User Experience Design student.

Growing up in the hills of West Virginia I could remember finger paintings being hung on my refrigerator door, and recycled material monsters hiding in my closet. At a very young age, I had started painting, crafting, and even a little sculpting. The folk tradition of painting rocks was my favorite medium. I felt as tho the rocks would tell me what they were supposed to look like, through their shapes and colors. I was put into gifted art classes. My teacher was impressed by my self-portrait, which at first was puzzling, "why is your hair like this and why did you choose this color for your eyes?" she asked "this is what I'm going to look like in the future" I replied. I had always known that my potential would not be capped by this small town and I was meant to explore beyond its winding roads, creek beds, and county limit.

Enrolled in graphic design school, I knew that I was going to change everything for myself. However, my teenage years would prove to be very trying and without proper support and guidance, a career in such a competitive market would be impossible to obtain. So, I went to into the service industry. Ten years spent waiting tables and serving cocktails, I learned a lot about hard work, networking, and building lasting relationships. I just didn't feel satisfied. I didn't feel fulfilled in my work. That's when I was offered a chance to move into the tattoo industry.

All of a sudden I was moving one thousand plus miles across the country. Away from everything and everyone I ever knew, I was starting a whole new life. Sales was not my ideal job in an industry built around art, but it was more than enough just to be included. We were traveling the country, sharing conventions booths and dinner tables with some of the top tattoo artists in the world. Pool parties, competitions, and air bnbs all over the united states. Business was good and life was fun until tragedy struck. The world was hit by a pandemic. No more conventions, no more tattoo shops, no more sales. It felt like everything had been lost. This is when I realized that it was all fleeting, superficial, unsustainable, and honestly unfulfilling. I wasn't an artist. I wasn't creative. I was just hanging out with people who were. A good friend suggested to me "Sara, you are incredibly dedicated, hard-working, and creative. Why don't you become a designer?"

That's how I learned about thinkful. Through my course work, I have learned the skills and programs necessary to create beautiful designs that showcase the material provided. I feel that each project is like the folk art rocks of my youth, each one has its own distinct needs and features. While I never knew that my past would so greatly reflect my future, I am grateful to be able to appreciate the full circle in retrospect. These days I love to visit those winding roads, creek beds, and county limits, and I count myself lucky I have found a career with the flexibility to allow me to do so.

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